WormCycle is ready for your Spring Garden!

A Quiet Time

WormCycle is working overtime to get you ready for your Spring garden plantings. Our shut down this winter allowed us to reconfigure and expand our operation, and now our new equipment is letting us produce and process way faster. We are planning on a production rate of 4 to 5 cubic yards of worm castings per month. That’s quadruple what we were able to do last year.  While our new CFT from Michigan Soil Works is full and producing masses of vermicompost, our favorite new toy is the conveyor. We are able to feed the trommel in minutes what used to take us nearly 1/2 and hour. For once I don’t anticipate continuous visits to the chiropractor to keep my back in shape. Last year was rough. This stuff is heavy folks! 

Spring is here?

March 21st was the beginning of spring, right? Coulda fooled me. It was snowing sideways yesterday in Detroit. Ugh. No matter. As they say around these parts, wait ’til after Mother’s Day before you put anything in the ground. Given tomorrow’s forecast of 1-2 inches of snow I’d say that’s wise. Fortunately, our production is indoors. We insulated the place so we could process all year long, and we’re making our castings as fast as we can. After a long winter, and after the Governor opens Michigan back up, WormCycle is ready for your spring garden. So, now is the time to get your worm castings. It goes fast so if you need a bulk (a cubic yard or more) quantity let me know so we can do a little planning. And remember, you can’t use too much, but a little goes a long way.

Stay healthy, and order your WormCycle castings now.



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