worm castings

WormCycle Castings Are Different

Not all worm castings are created equal. Our methods make a better quality product that the other guys. We use laboratory testing to prove it.

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WormCycle is ready for your Spring Garden!

A Quiet Time WormCycle is working overtime to get you ready for your Spring garden plantings. Our shut down this winter allowed us to reconfigure and expand our operation, and now our new equipment is letting us produce and process way faster. We are planning on a production rate of 4 to 5 cubic yards […]

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Our new Trommel.

New Things at WormCycle

Our new trammel at WormCycle. This beast massively boosts our productivity.

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Ask Brian….You can trust him…He’s from OZ!

Hi all, First off, my apologies for not posting for a while. Today it’s back to basics. I’ve had quite a number of new subscribers recently most of whom have little experience with “worming.” Since education is a big part of what I like to do, I thought a comprehensive list of questions would be […]

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Fall Sale!

  Get your coupon here!

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Its that time of year again

Ok ‘Cyclers. So, you’ve been using your WormCycle castings all summer and now the harvest is coming in. Tomatoes, red and meaty, Zucchini’s as long as your arm, and Zinnias up to your knees. Well, now what. The season is rapidly closing and you have some worm castings left over. What should you do with them? […]

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Soil restoration made easy.

Hi all, I come across all sorts a material these days about how fixing our soils will solve a whole host of problems. The issue for me is how to distill this stuff down into something that is easy to understand and doesn’t take 4 hours to read or watch. For me personally I’m finding […]

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