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Something to Remember

Just a reminder to remember that not all worm castings are created equal. WormCycle castings are made differently.  There are  companies out there that raise bait worms for the fishing industry. They do this in a factory like setting. After they process the worms there is a waste by-product that they’re more that happy to put in a bag and sell to you. They can afford to sell it to you on the cheap because you’re subsidizing their worm growing operation. You remove their problem and give them a little money in return. As a result, they have a pretty good business model to be sure. They make A LOT of money.  Unfortunately, like the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

No Waste Here

At WormCycle we do the exact opposite. We’re not selling a waste byproduct. We use our worms specifically to produce a high end vermicompost. WormCycle castings are truly loaded with a broad spectrum of microbial life, fungi, organic matter, humic and fulvic acids. This diversity of nutrients and life is key to getting the right chemistry to your plant roots. Once you get the biology straight, the chemistry will follow.

We Get Tested

At WormCycle we pride ourselves on producing once of the best vermicompost products on the market. To keep ourselves honest we consistently send our castings out to labs for analysis. Additionally, we’ve done blind, side by side testing with multiple other brands. There is no comparison between us and them. Ours is full of the life that you want. Theirs is not. WormCycle castings are different.

So, before you buy, make sure you know what you’re getting and getting what you want. Contact us here,  or give us a call  at (877) 734-4879 and we’ll talk your ear off about it. 


Want to Learn More?

For those of you who are reading this and want to learn more from the experts, check out Rhonda Sherman and her annual conference at NCSU. It’s in October, and is the 21st year she’s done this. 



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