Time to Juice Your Roots

Hi everyone, I’d like to say that Spring is finally here, but I’d be lying to you. It has snowed on an off for the last three days! Uhggg! Anyway, I’ve been bunkered down for the cold weather these last few months getting ready for the spring growing season. Sooooo…..now is the time for all you Northerners to get your soils ready for action. If you’ve been working on your own Vermicompost start harvesting it. As soon as the last frost is done start working it in to your beds. Just make sure to cover it up again with a good mulch or wood chips. When Mother’s Day rolls around you should have a really good biological ecosystem ready to go for your first planting. If you are in need of larger quantities, I’ve spent the winter getting ready for you. Give us a call or find us online and get your order in now. It’s gonna go fast. Also, the first one of you to correctly identify the kind of plant in the picture above gets a 20% off coupon. Contact us here.
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