Trusted Partners

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

MIUFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture

Worm Farming Alliance

If you're interested in going beyond the hobby level of vermicomposting and worm farming, join the WFA!

Urban Worm Company

The Urban Worm Company is the manufacturer of the Urban Worm Bag worm bin and a respected vermicomposting blog for beginners through experts.

Michigan SoilWorks

Manufacturer of the Michigan SoilWorks CFT. This is the worm farming equipment WormCycle uses to create worm castings with industry-leading microbial assay test results.

Honest Eats Farm

Honest Eats Farm is a local farm that has partnered with us to join in the growing movement to improve agricultural soils by reducing our reliance on chemical farming

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