About WormCycle

What We Do

While just about any organic material can be used, in the interest of using what is available to us locally, we use only horse manure and stall bedding.

Before we feed it to our red wiggler worms (Eisenia Fetida) we process it by letting it naturally heat to over 130°F for about a week. Doing so allows time for pathogens and seeds to be processed out. Once cooled it’s then allowed to cure for another 60 days leaving behind pH neutral feed stock. Our thousands of worms then eat to their hearts content.

A month later we have a natural soil amendment loaded with micro-organisms and nutrients that enrich the soil and plants that use it.  By using a standard set of procedures at each stage of production we’re able to supply a consistent, high quality vermicompost that can be used for whatever growing purpose you desire.

How It All Started

It all started for me with a conversation I had with a co-worker. He was in the process of transforming an old chicken farm into full-fledged vermicomposting business. Shortly after our conversation I stumbled across an ad for a worm bin. Since I really enjoyed growing my own summer vegetables I thought I’d give this worm casting stuff try. So started my hobby. 10 years later my friend is one of the largest producers of vermicompost in the U.S., and I have moved to Michigan where I have the land and buildings to begin producing on a much larger scale.

What started out as a means to reduce  the amount of organic garbage I was throwing away every day, has turned into a fascination with the endless possibilities of recycling with worms. Hence, my worm cycle idea. Both we and worms form a partnership in a virtuous circle. We use the parts of food that we can consume. Traditionally we then discard what we can’t or won’t eat. But, if you introduce the lowly worm into the mix you have an entirely new equation. Now it becomes; we eat our part and the worms eat theirs. In the process we recycle, reduce, and create a product we can each use. We help the worms, the worms help the soil, the soil helps us and the Worm Cycle is complete.

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