For those of you who are starting to dabble in the world of worms, welcome to the game. You probably have an inkling of an idea that there is actually something to this worm stuff. This should help that gut feeling that you have. There is a paradigm shift happening in the world of agriculture. […]

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Kiss the Ground

Hi Everyone, We’ve been busy over the last couple of months and haven’t spent nearly enough time with all of you. Our new Composter is up to speed and producing more VC than ever. 60 thousand worms will do that. They’re eating almost faster than I can feed them! We’ve had a lot of new […]

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New Place to buy WormCycle

Hi all, Thanks for hanging in there with me. We’ve been busy getting our new CFT up and running. Here’s a fun little video of Dan Lonowski of Michigan Soil Works and myself putting it together. Now back to the title of this post. We are delighted to say that we have a new vendor […]

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